Several comic books of my work have been published by Blurred Books in New York City. Also, some of my comics pieces are included in the Blurred Vision anthology series also from Blurred Books.
Fantastic Life is my new graphic novel which follows the misadventures of a young slacker who begins to question his own sanity against a backdrop of punk rock, quantum mechanics, and the living dead.

"It's horny, heavy shit."
-Sean T. Collins
The Comics Journal

128 pages B&W

Captain Adam is a narrative collage made from images and texts pilfered from fifty-six comic books and two pornographic magazines from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

"A little-seen classic of appropriation!"
-Matt Madden
Captain Adam is also in
Blurred Vision 2.
The Moon Prince is my webcomic about the adventures of Max and Molly, two orphans with special powers who get mixed up in interplanetary adventures!

You can read the entire Moon Prince story (so far) here.

29 pages full color